Kinesiology Tape

Most of us have seen this brightly colored tape, but many of us aren’t sure why people are wearing it or even how it works. 

Pain Relief

For many people (professional athletes and everyday folks), kinesiology tape can effectively relieve both acute and chronic pain. Here’s how it works: by slightly lifting the skin, kinesiology tape can immediately reduce pressure on sensitive pain receptors located just under the skin. Not only that, its stimulating effect on pain pathways provides a competitive stimulus that can potentially block pain signals going to the brain. Pretty cool!

Reduced Swelling/Accelerated Recovery from Bruises

Check this out: by reducing pressure on the lymphatic drainage channels, it enhances removal of fluids and other materials in the traumatized area. This applies not only to sports injuries and contusions, but also to post-surgical recovery and other inflammatory conditions.

Prevents and/or Relieves Muscle Spasms and Cramping

Kinesiology tape enhances circulation and improves delivery of oxygen and nutrients to overused or fatigued muscles, which helps to both prevent and relieve spasms and cramps. Goodbye, Charlie Horse!

Faster Recovery of Overused Muscles

If you’re like most of us, you’ve overdone it from time to time. Fatigued, overused muscles contain byproducts that contribute to pain and stiffness… and unfortunately limit the ability to keep on keepin’ on! When kinesiology tape is applied to these muscles groups, it enhances the removal of these pesky byproducts – so you can recover faster and get back to doing what you love! Combined with enhanced blood flow/improved delivery of oxygen, this often results in an improved performance and a more complete recovery (which is why we see so many professional athletes and olympians using it).

Wonder if it’ll work for you?

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