Amalia Litras: Owner – CSCS, USAW

After spending two years teaching and coaching in Kansas, Amalia decided to move to a warmer climate. Once in Austin, she spent the first few years outdoors, either riding her bike or running.  Eventually she found her way back into the gym and began strength training.

After becoming a Texan, she ran a marathon, pedaled through a century ride, competed in amateur boxing matches, and lifted in several powerlifting meets before discovering olympic-style weightlifting.  A month before her 40th birthday, she competed in the 2011 National Weightlifting Championships, finishing in seventh place.  In 2013, at the age of 42, she competed in the American Open Weightlifting Championships.

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Pattie Farley: Owner – CSCS, USAW

While earning a bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech, Pattie fell in love with endurance training and began competing in 5Ks. Once she graduated and moved to Austin, she decided to try her hand at longer distances, running a half-marathon before deciding to ride in the 1998 Tanqueray AIDS Ride (Austin-to-Houston-to-Dallas/575-miles).

Shortly thereafter she suffered a shoulder injury and decided to focus most of her energy on strength training.  Since that time, in addition to two marathons and countless century rides, she has competed in several powerlifting meets and bodybuilding shows.

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When searching for a trainer I had two requirements 1) a female and 2) a runner. Well, needless to say John is not female. He is however wonderful and I could not have ask for anyone better.

I am 43 almost 44 years of age and the thought of working out with a male was scary and there is a wee bit of modesty somewhere in there too. His professionalism overrides any modesty issues and I was pretty much comfortable right away.

Finding a trainer is always a little tricky for me. I am a runner and some weeks log a lot of miles. In the past I have had issues with “cookie cutter” workout programs. These trainers, while aware of my running, where not sensitive to it. With John this has not happened. Each week he is inquisitive about any aches and pains, what mileage is coming up, and in general how I am doing. With all this information in mind, he tailors the workout to suit my needs and does not give me the “one size fits all workout.” The other really amazing part is he remembers from week to week and always asks how a run went. WOW!

I can also honestly say that I have worked out with a trainer for years and did not achieve the results I have with John. When I started with John I wrongly felt it would be more of the same. I can not tell you why, other than John is a really good at what he does, but I saw more results body wise in a short time with John than years with another trainer.

John is a very knowledgeable, professional trainer who is acutely aware of your training needs. I would highly recommend him to anyone searching. I also must give him many kudos for putting up with some childlike antics on the part of me and my workout buddy. John takes all of this in stride and still maintains his professional trainer demeanor (very hard to do because we have come up with some doozies).*


I decided to start working with Pattie about two years ago when I wanted to lose some weight and tone my muscles for my upcoming wedding.

I was so impressed with the results that I continued with her and have made room in my budget for once a week training sessions. Pattie goes above and beyond her one hour time commitment by advising me on nutrition and creating weight lifting and cardio plans to meet my specific needs.

Last fall she encouraged me to train for the 3M Half Marathon — something I had never considered I would ever do. Thanks to her I look better now than I ever have, and more importantly, I have made taking care of my body a priority in my life.*


In May of 2008, the ladies at Grass Iron training were recommended to me. They were unable to accept new clients at that time, but they told me that John could meet with me. I was a bit hesitant. I had wanted particularly to work with a female who could help me with diet issues including hormonal challenges.

I’m happy to say that my hesitation was unfounded. My training partner and I met with John, and I was immediately impressed with his knowledge and advice. While he didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear (“of course you can run 5 days a week, take spin classes twice a week, lose fat and build muscle all at the same time!”), he did work with me extensively to prioritize those goals and alter my schedule to better achieve them.

That is what I love most about training with John. He takes into account all my activities and works with me to make smarter training decisions. He never forces his own ideas of what my goals should be and he is an amazing resource of information. No dieting, training, or supplement question of mine has ever gone unanswered and every answer is thorough and helpful. He has a very gentle way about him, and amazingly, I feel like he truly understands and can relate to the things I say and ask.

I was skeptical in the beginning, but over the last 6 months, I have come to trust John’s knowledge and expertise implicitly. I see a change in my goals coming up and I intend to discuss them with John and then completely put myself into his hands as I know he will help me achieve them.

My training partner and I like to have a good deal of fun while training. John puts up with our antics with grace, style, humor, and refuses to let us derail his efforts. Imagine what he could do if we were more focused! If John can train us, he can train anyone!!!*