Strength and Conditioning Class Rates

CardioStrong class austinWHAT WE OFFER:

Strength and Conditioning classes includes classic strength training movements and strength-based conditioning work (in other words, conditioning doesn’t mean running sprints).


Every class begins with classic strength training movements: squat and press variations and deadlift or pulling variations.  The weights are heavier and the rep ranges lower during the first half of the workout.

We finish each class with conditioning work, which means the weights are lighter and the reps are higher.

The classes are small (6 or fewer in each class), so you’ll get technical feedback every time you train.


  • 1 Class/Week:           $99/m X 3 months
  • 2 Classes/Week:    $199/mo X 3 months
  • 3 Classes/Week:    $289/mo X 3 months

Single Class:  $30 each

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