Amalia Litras: Owner – CSCS, USAW

After spending two years teaching and coaching in Kansas, Amalia decided to move to a warmer climate. Once in Austin, she spent the first few years outdoors, either riding her bike or running.  Eventually she found her way back into the gym and began strength training.

After becoming a Texan, she ran a marathon, pedaled through a century ride, competed in amateur boxing matches, and lifted in several powerlifting meets before discovering olympic-style weightlifting.  A month before her 40th birthday, she competed in the 2011 National Weightlifting Championships, finishing in seventh place.  In 2013, at the age of 42, she competed in the American Open Weightlifting Championships.

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Pattie Farley: Owner – CSCS, USAW

While earning a bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech, Pattie fell in love with endurance training and began competing in 5Ks. Once she graduated and moved to Austin, she decided to try her hand at longer distances, running a half-marathon before deciding to ride in the 1998 Tanqueray AIDS Ride (Austin-to-Houston-to-Dallas/575-miles).

Shortly thereafter she suffered a shoulder injury and decided to focus most of her energy on strength training.  Since that time, in addition to two marathons and countless century rides, she has competed in several powerlifting meets and bodybuilding shows.

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Marguerite Beckingham: Assistant Manager – USAW

Marguerite Beckingham

Marguerite loves to learn and is naturally curious, and she wants to experience everything the fitness world has to offer! She’s completed the LiveStrong Half Marathon, bench pressed 67 kg/147#, and snatched 58kg/127#. Most recently Marguerite traveled to India to complete a month-long yoga certification.

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Abby Ruston: CSCS

Abby RustonAbby likes to throw things around! While earning a Bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M and a Master’s degree from Texas State University, she competed in both shot put and discus. She earned NCAA All-American honors twice, finished 8th at the 2008 Olympic Trials, and was a member of the 2008 IAFF World Championship Team.

When she walked away from the track, she didn’t leave behind her passion for throwing. She’s currently launching heavy barbells overhead while competing in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. She’s set her sights on qualifying for the National Weightlifting Championships.

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Kasandra Fuller, CPT

Although she played every sport imaginable as a kid, she ultimately ended up with a glove in one hand and a ball in the other. Kasandra played softball for Concordia University Austin while earning a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology.

Since graduating from college, she’s focused all of her energy on being strong, fit, and healthy!

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Cody Richardson, CPT

Cody RichardsonWhile earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas, Cody was twice named to the All-American Collegiate Disc Golf Team. Additionally he was founder and Captain of the UT Disc Golf Club.

Recently he’s focused his athletic energy into mastering the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk and competing in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

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Mitchell Searcy, CPT

Mitchell Searcy, CPT956-579-1745 | [email protected]

Prior to enrolling at the University of Texas, Mitchell focused on his first athletic love: basketball.

Since graduating with a degree in Kinesiology Health Promotion with a specialization in Strength and Conditioning, he’s shifted his focus to strength training. He’s currently chasing a 1000-pound total in the Big Three: Squats, Bench Press, and Deadlifts.

Marc Frazier – Licensed Massage Therapist

Marc FrazierMarc has spent the past 15 years working as a massage therapist for the University of Texas Swim Team and 8 years with the UT Baseball Team. He’s also worked on countless Olympic and professional athletes during his 19-year career.

Marc also teaches anatomy, sports massage, and structural body classes at Lauterstein-Conway Massage.

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Tina LeBlanc: Office Manager

Tina LeBlancA competitve powerlifter (and quilter extraordinnaire), Tina can squat 230, bench press 145, deadlift 290 pounds, and crunch numbers!  She’s got both brains and brawn!

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